We are a bakery in Erickson, Manitoba and our bakery features Swedish baking delights, along with other cultural favorites. The name of our bakery also includes some history and the language of our Swedish heritage.

Brödbutik (pronounced broad bootick) is Swedish for Bakery. The town of Erickson was called Avesta after the postmaster’s home town in Dalarna, Sweden. However, there was confusion with mail going to an already existing Manitoba town called Vista, so it was decided to change the town’s name to Erickson in 1905 after Mr. Albert Erickson, officially making it the first Swedish town in Canada!

The logo features the Dala Horse, a popular Swedish handicraft named after Dalarna in central Sweden. Creating it is a tradition passed from generation to generation and the red paint pigment originally came from Swedish copper mines. Since Viking times, the horse has been considered a holy animal and it appears in many cultures carved as children’s toys.

town of erickson historical photo about us page

Featured Baked Goods

Some of the delicious treats you can find at our bakery include:

  • Cinnamon buns
  • Jumbles (cinnamon bun pieces baked with fruit)
  • Large muffins
  • Scones (with lingonberries, or cheese)
  • Brownies
  • Matrimonial/date cake (cakes without decoration)
  • Pies
  • Large cookies for a toonie, with partial proceeds donated to the local food bank
  • More specials announced along the way!
Blueberry Muffins

Our Baker

Wendy K bakes all of the our breads and other goodies, in particular the large cinnamon buns, entirely hand-crafted in the bakery. She also makes white and whole wheat dinner buns, whole wheat bread, and Swedish Rye Bread during the week. Come in and see what we have, as each day brings a variety to tickle your taste buds and warm your senses!

Artisan Bread

Land Acknowledgement

Erickson Avesta Brödbutik respectfully acknowledges that we are located on Treaty 2 and 4 territory, the land and gathering place for diverse Indigenous peoples including the Anishinabeg, Ojibway, and Métis Nation. We acknowledge the harms of past and present colonization and we commit to meaningful partnerships with Indigenous nations in a spirit of truth, collaboration, and sovereignty.